What is BMO Inventory Management System?
BMO Inventory Management System is a system designed to manage your inventory from small to mid-sized businesses.

This system takes care of everything from receiving customer’s orders, generate transaction documents, track stock in inventory, and generate reports.

Who should use BMO Inventory Management System?
This system is suitable for everyone who has an inventory to manage and only wish to invest a minimal sum of money on an inventory system.

Does BMO Inventory System work with multiple computers connected?
BMO Inventory Management System allows you to choose for offline inventory system or BMO Inventory Cloud services. All you need is a stable internet line, and you can start managing your inventory anywhere at any time. Even on your smartphone!

How much does BMO Inventory Management System cost?
You may register for a trial account. During the trial period, you may use the system for free. You may then subscribe to our system before the expiry date so that you can continue to access the system.

Do you offer customer support?
Our engineers are available to support our customers directly from Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 6pm, Malaysia Standard Time (GMT 8). You can also call us at +604 642 0621.

Besides this, we also provide a user guide to help customers understand our system better.

Will there be future upgrades for BMO Inventory Management System?
BMO Inventory Management System is constantly upgraded to provide users with the latest features.

Sounds great. Where can I make my payment?
You can make payment via cash, cheque, or credit card. Alternatively, you can bank in to our Public Bank account. Please contact our BMO Sales Team for further information.